10 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (2023)

Can you imagine a day at the office without your work? No paperwork is getting done, no phones are being answered, and no documents are being prepared for meetings. Not to mention the lack of calendar management! No wonder why some CEOs claim that administrative assistants are the most important people in the company.

How can you convince the hiring manager that you will bring this immeasurable value to the company if you have little to no experience? By adding an administrative assistant resume objective to your job application!

This guide will show you:

  • Why you should add a resume objective for an administrative assistant to your job application.
  • How to write a great administrative assistant resume objective.
  • 10 remarkable administrative assistant resume objective examples.

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10 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (1)

10 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (2)

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You’re an administrative assistant, so you’re always ready for pretty much anything. That’s why we know you’re ready to start talking about creating a resume objective! So let’s do that!

Why Creating an Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Is a Must?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the next 8 years, we will witness an 8% decline in the job outlook for administrative assistants. However, despite this decline, about 354,000 openings are projected on average each year over the decade. That means you still have some competitors to win with! To do that, you must prove you’re the best fit for the job to the hiring manager. But how to catch their attention in the first place?

Recruiters take an average of 6 seconds to look at your resume. That doesn’t give you plenty of time to impress them, especially if your work experience can’t do it for you. That’s why it’s important to create a captivating intro to your resume. And that’s your resume objective or resume summary. They are both brief paragraphs that give the reader a helpful glance at your background, skills, experience, and goals. So—

What’s the difference between a resume summary and a resume objective?

  • A professional resume summary proves you’re an experienced candidate. If you’ve over one year of experience, you should choose a summary, including your accomplishments, suitable skills, and work history that might help you get the job.
  • A resume objective can be used to show your skills and your motivation. It’s perfect for entry-level administrative assistants. It’s also great for any resume with no experience. And it can also work well for a career change resume, as those candidates have some experience that’s not necessarily relevant to the job they are applying to.

In this guide, we will focus on the latter. And if you’re still not completely convinced about why you should start your resume with that statement, let’s go deeper into why it is a great idea!

Why should you create an administrative assistant resume objective?

  • A hiring manager might find it generic if you start your resume by simply writing down your previous jobs. This short paragraph gives you a great chance to introduce yourself professionally on a resume.
  • Tailoring your resume for the job you’re applying to by including some keywords that can be found in the job ad.
  • Your relevant experience might not necessarily be mirrored in your education and working history sections. However, you can highlight it and your vision of helping the company achieve its goals in a resume objective!

In other words, a resume objective is a must. Think of it as a short elevator pitch you’d give to the hiring managers if you get the chance. A well-prepared administrative assistant resume objective can easily convince them to give your resume a closer look or even invite you for an interview!

Ok, so you know why. Now let’s answer a much bigger question.

Looking for other tips on how to write a perfect administrative assistant resume? You’ll find all you need to know right here: Best Administrative Assistant Resume Examples 2023

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume Objective?

Administrative assistant work can be stressful. We’ve got great news for you: creating a resume objective will be as simple as answering a phone call. And as rewarding as a CEO telling the entire company that it will collapse within an hour without your impact. So let’s get to it!

Here’s how to create a resume objective for an administrative assistant:

1. Read Your Resume Thoroughly

That’s right, you want to write your summary or objective last. First, look for things that stand out and can help you get that administrative assistant job. They are already in your resume, so writing an objective last makes the entire process easier!

2. Customize Each Objective to the Job

You want the recruiter to feel that this specific resume answers their posted job ad. Making it personal, mentioning the company’s name, and addressing the opening directly is the way to do it perfectly.

3. Show Impressive Personality Traits

Start with a trait or quality that will impress the hiring managers. Writing enthusiastic administrative assistant is way better than simply administrative assistant. That’s a great way to stand out among other competitors, and given that an average corporate opening attracts 250 resumes, you want to stand out!

4. Use Relevant Skills and Achievements

Select 2–3 top accomplishments and skills from your resume. Pick those that are the most relevant for the position. Most recruiters include them in the Responsibilities section of the job ad they’ve posted.

5. Speak with Power

Include action verbs and powerful words. They can really help you stand out amongst other candidates who use worn-out buzzwords, and they will help you make a better impression. After all, it's always better to write developed, engaged in, or pursued than a dull worked on, right?

6. Follow the Resume Structure

Use the best bits and pieces from all sections of your already-written resume. Add a piece of relevant experience, an education-related achievement, extra courses that can be useful in the position you’re applying for, and anything you feel is relevant to the job ad!

7. Do Your Research

Go through the company’s website and search for future goals, vision, mission, etc. Think about how you can contribute and finish your objective with that. Your recruiter will appreciate mentioning how you can contribute to the company, and not only what you expect from your employer.

8. Focus on Your Future

As an assistant, you have a whole career ahead of you. Highlight your career goals, what you want to achieve, what your plans are, what you want to excel in, and what you want to learn. That way, you will position yourself not only as a temporary employee in-between jobs but as a future investment.

Wait a second, but didn’t you just say it would be as easy as answering the phone?

We did. And here’s a trick. You can use a very simple formula to structure your administrative assistant resume objective. It goes like this:

[Adjective(s)/Certificate(s)] [Your Job Title or Degree] seeking employment as [Position Name] at [Company Name] to apply my [Your Relevant Skills] to help [What Do You Want To Help The Company Achieve].

Keep reading, and we’ll prove how great it works!

Pro Tip: There is a specific set of skills required for the administrative assistant position. You sure have some of them! Add them to your resume objective and impress the hiring managers with them!

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10 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (3)

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10 Examples of Great Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. That’s a quote by Albert Einstein, and we bet it’s not something you’ve been expecting to see here.

So without further ado, let’s move from theory to practice and see some great administrative assistant resume objective examples!

Here are some of the best administrative assistant resume objective samples:

School Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Communicative administrative assistant with highly-developed time-management skills searching for new chances of improvement within the schooling sector. Willing to help Talfourd Lawn Elementary School establish the right office workflow by using my excellent office coordination and problem-solving skills, which were improved during my time as a junior administrative assistant at Queens College.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for a High-School Graduate

Enthusiastic high school graduate looking for an administrative assistant position. Aiming to deliver the best service to The Trilio Labs, using time-management and decision-making skills while helping to increase the entire company's productivity.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for a Career Change

Reliable secretary with 2+ years of professional experience within a huge corporate organization, currently seeking an opportunity to grow as an administrative assistant. Outstanding communication and organizational skills. Successfully introduced a time management system, which helped increase the efficiency of the entire office by 5% within the first quarter of implementation.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for a College Student

Proactive administration student hoping to join Hillsborough LTD as an administrative assistant. Willing to use my accounting and organizational skills while still learning to become an outstanding administrative specialist within a company that values efficiency and delivers the highest customer service.

High School Student’s Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Reliable high school student looking for a part-time position as an administrative assistant in a Rools start-up. Ready to put my teamwork and problem-solving skills, developed during my vacation work at Sailing Boat Camp, to work. Hoping to deliver the best administrative assistance to an SME such as Rools.

Hospital Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Adaptable administrative assistant hoping to face new challenges in a demanding environment where my time-management, organizational and problem-solving skills can be fully utilized. Hoping to support the significant institution of the Advocate Trinity Hospital, and to help coordinate data, manage communication and deliver office coordination of the highest quality.

Government Agency Administrative Assistant

Highly motivated and goal-oriented administrative assistant committed to delivering high-quality results with little to no supervision, searching for work for the Animal Control and Welfare Commission. Excels in prioritizing and effective time management.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for Intern Seeking a Full-Time Job

Energetic administrative assistant intern seeking a full-time position at Energas LTD. Willing to apply interpersonal skills and fluency in Portuguese to help improve the work of offices in Brazil.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for Marketing Graduate

Marketing graduate with proven communication, travel planning, problem-solving and event coordination skills. Searching for a position as an administrative assistant at Kilkennys’, to leverage organizational, planning and reporting skills and to fully support internal and external communication.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective for Real-Estate Industry

Energetic administrative assistant, passionate about creating a perfect workflow in a real-estate company, such as Housingly. Able to manage 3+ executive schedules. Hoping to use myoutstanding organizational skills to support Housingly HQ and the entire staff while delivering the best client experience.

Now you know well what an administrative assistant resume objective should look like. Time to start writing your own!

There’s one more thing that can help you land the administrative assistant job you’re after. And that’s your cover letter. Here’s a guide that will help you with it:

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here.Here's what it may look like:

10 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (4)

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See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaways

Just for a quick recap of how to write an administrative assistant resume objective:

  • Start with a powerful personality trait.
  • Mention your current position or education level.
  • Highlight your administrative assistant skills.
  • Explain how you can help the company achieve its goals.
  • Try to mention your relevant experience.

Thank you for reading the article! Let’s talk more about the resume objectives in the comments below!

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