3G 4G LTE Cellular, HDTV, WiFi Signal Booster for USA up to 20k sq. ft. (2023)

SureCall Fusion7 is an All-In-One Solution for indoor cellular, TV, Wi-Fi Signal Reception.

SureCall Fusion 7 all-in-one Signal Booster Highlights:

  • Fusion7 is 7-band signal booster simultaneously enhances Cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV signals.
  • Sure Call Fusion-7 increases voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all USA carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Virtually eliminates dropped and missed calls for areas up to 20,000 sq ft, increasing signal strength for up to 20 simultaneous users.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi signal booster and router extends network coverage for areas up to 20,000 sq. ft. for fast and reliable data.
  • Built-in HDTV signal booster brings locally aired HDTV television stations into the building for up to 25 TV's.

Fusion7 by SureCall is an all in one consumer signal booster kit to help your indoor signal receptions that include cell phone, Wi-Fi, and HDTV!SureCall Fusion 7 consumersignal booster increases voice, text and 4G LTE signal strength for manysimultaneous users in areas from 15,000 square feet to up to 20,000 sq. ft. This two in one cellular and WiFi signal catcher also works just the same for all cell phone brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, OnePlus, ZTE, Motorola (Moto), Google Pixel XL/ Nexus models, Kyocera, Blackberry, Microsoft Lumia, and Nokia.

It includes built-in Wi-Fi signal booster, along with a router that extends network coverage. Includes HDTV signal booster that brings locally aired HDTV television stations into large buildings. A SingleCellular + HDTV + Wi-Fi Signal Booster for up to 20,000 ft² (SureCall Fusion7) makes it easy to boost all types of signals without having to install and monitor multiple devices that clutter a home or office environment.

    Two Fusion7 kit configurations:

    1. A: SC-SEPTH/O-OD4-Kit: Outdoor Omni Antenna, 4 Indoor Omni Dome Antennas.
    2. B: SC-SEPTH/O-OP4-Kit: Outdoor Omni antenna, 4 Indoor Directional Panel Antennas.

    In the past when a person has had a weak signal for the phone or for the internet, the solution was to purchase either a cell phone signal booster for the home or to purchase a Wi-Fi booster. And while both of these products have proven to be effective in maximizing the signal strength, the problem that arises is that there is usually the need to purchase multiple boosters for a home. Commercial integrators have consistently complained about additional time, effort, and expense required for multiple wiring and additional equipment. If the cellular service is being blocked or weakened, then typically the internet signal will be blocked or weakened for the same reasons. Additionally, the technology trends and advancements signals on HDTVs are also a concern. SureCall has answered the demand of the public by offering the first all-in-one signal booster. This signal amplifier serves as a mobile as well as a Wi-Fi extender and booster to boost reception indoors for both those channels simultaneously! Currently, there're no other consumer grade wi fi boosters and extenders that do boosting of both such types of signals at the same time.

    Key points of the Fusion 7 Signal Booster.

    Launched during CEDIA 2016, SureCall Fusion7 (MSRP is $1,999) is an all-in-one system with several unique attributes that are capable of improving the reception of cellular, Wi-Fi and over-the-air HDTV signals. Being that it is the first of its kind, it is important to understand the functionality as well as the key points and intentions of the machine for home and officeenvironments where users require stable connectivity for several types of wireless signals. Primarily, the device works as a three in one system.


    • First 7-Band Signal Booster in the Industry.
    • FCC approved for use with all major U.S. carriers.
    • Highest 4G data rate in the Industry.
    • Best in Industry 3-Year Warranty.

    Included components in the Sure-Call Fusion-7 Booster kit.

    As the device has been designed for commercialuse in areas which have up to 20,000square footage, the devices key features have been optimized for such places. The Booster Fusion7 Cellular, Wi-Fi, HDTV all-in-one signal booster kit basically includes:

    1. Fusion7 Booster.
    2. Indoor Cellular Antenna.
    3. Outdoor Cellular Antenna.
    4. WiFi Router.
    5. Indoor HDTV Antenna.
    6. All needed cables.

    Here're the details of what each of the two kits include, plus which additional accessories can be purchased separately:

    3G 4G LTE Cellular, HDTV, WiFi Signal Booster for USA up to 20k sq. ft. (1)

    3G 4G LTE Cellular, HDTV, WiFi Signal Booster for USA up to 20k sq. ft. (2)

    (1) SC-SeptH/O-72 Fusion7 Booster/ Amplifier.
    (1) SC-288W Outdoor Omni Antenna (N-Female).
    (4) SC-222W-TNC Indoor Dome Antenna (TNC-Female).
    (4) SC-001-75-TNC SC-400 Cable, 75 feet (TNC-Male).
    (1) SC-001-30-TNC SC-400 Cable, 30 feet (TNC-Male).
    (1) SC-WS-4-TNC 4-Way Splitter (TNC-Female).
    (1) SC-WS-2-TNC 2-Way Splitter (TNC-Female).
    (1) SC-LP Lightning Protector (N-Female).
    (1) SC-001-02 SC-400 Cable, 2 feet (N-Male).
    (1) SC-001-75 SC-400 Cable, 75 feet (N-Male).
    (4) SC-CN-09-TNC TNC-Male Crimp Connector.

    3G 4G LTE Cellular, HDTV, WiFi Signal Booster for USA up to 20k sq. ft. (3)

    (1) SC-SeptH/O-72 Fusion 7 Amplifier/ Booster.
    (1) SC-288W Outdoor Omni Antenna (N-Female).
    (4) SC-248W-TNC Indoor Wall Mount Antenna (TNC-Female).
    (4) SC-001-75-TNC SC-400 Cable, 75 feet (TNC-Male).
    (1) SC-001-30-TNC SC-400 Cable, 30 feet (TNC-Male).
    (1) SC-WS-4-TNC 4-Way Splitter (TNC-Female).
    (1) SC-WS-2-TNC 2-Way Splitter (TNC-Female).
    (1) SC-LP Lightning Protector (N-Female).
    (1) SC-001-02 SC-400 Cable, 2 feet (N-Male).
    (1) SC-001-75 SC-400 Cable, 75 feet (N-Male).
    (4) SC-CN-09-TNC TNC-Male Crimp Connector.

    3G 4G LTE Cellular, HDTV, WiFi Signal Booster for USA up to 20k sq. ft. (4)

    SC-305W-H (Indoor panel antenna recommended for open indoor spaces)ORSC-306W-H (Outdoor antenna recommended for spaces with interior walls or obstacles).

    One cable to connect booster to chosen (SC-305W-H or SC-306W-H) HDTV antenna: SC-RG6-75 (75 ft.) cable is recommendedPLUS one to two cables to connect booster to HDTV device(s), one cable per HDTV port used, up to two. SC-RG6-50 (50 ft.) cable is recommended.

    Note: Up to 25 HDTV devices may be supported using splitters. Also, though specific RG6 cable lengths are recommended, they may be used interchangeably, as needed.

    SureCall's Fusion 7 offers:

    • SureCall's patented 5-band cellular signal solution for all major U.S. carriers.
    • A built-in Wi-Fi booster along with a router that not only extends network coverage but also increases the power.
    • An HDTV booster that brings all locally aired HDTV television stations into your home along with enhanced streaming video.

    Cellular Signal Specifics.

    The cellular phone signal allows for a signal boost of up to 10,000 sq. ft. with a weak outside signal of approximately 1 to 2 bars. It would offer signal boost to up to 15,000 sq. ft. with a medium signal outside of approx. 3 to 4 bars.It would offer boost in signal to up to 20,000 sq. ft. with a strong reception outdoors of approx. 5 bars.

    It is intended for all phones from all carriers including the latest 4G LTE phones. It also boosts 3G data and 2G voice plus texting which rely upon such signals. Fusion7 cell phone booster kit not only boosts, but it extends Wi-Fi for new and renovated buildings. The cellular uplink and downlink frequencies included make it compatible will all cellphones from all carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile in USA. These frequencies are:

    Uplink Frequencies.

    698-716/ 776-787/ 824-849/ 1710-1755/ 1850-1915.

    Downlink Frequencies.

    728-746/ 746-757/ 869-894/ 1930-1955/ 2110-2155.

    Supported Cellular Standards.


    Fusion7 incorporates the company's patent-pending seven-band technologies to deliver PCS and cellular frequency bands, AWS, and two LTE frequencies to support Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

    Wi-Fi Signal Booster Specifics.

    Wi-Fi signals are based upon a number of factors; the signal booster works primarily by reading the signals within the 2.4-2.4835 frequency range. By combining the weak signals with the strongest signal and “reconditioning” that signal into a stronger band, the Wi-Fi is increased. There are a few specifications which should be noted. First, the Wi-Fi does not add to allotted data plans or service plans established in the contract between you and your internet service provider. Secondly, the device accessing the network must have the capabilities to access and function on the internet. For example: If a cell phone has minutes but does not have internet services activated in his or her plan, the person will not be able to access the internet. However, those which can access the internet can do so as long as the wi-fi is within the below specifications (which it is all across North America and elsewhere):

    Wi-Fi Standards.

    IEEE 802. 1 1b, IEEE 802 1 1g, IEEE 802. 1 1n.

    Wi-Fi Browsers Supported.

    Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others that exist.

    Security Specifications,

    WEP, WPS, WPA, WPA2, WPA2 Mixed.

    As you can see, most internet services, monitors, and providers will fall within this range. On the rare occasion that your Wi-Fi falls outside of the specifications above, contact your technician or cell phone signal boosters to ensure that the device will work properly. Also, before activating or installing your device check with your internet service provider about any restrictions to the network that the Fusion 7 booster may have, which is very unlikely.

    NOTE: Even though the signal is being boosted, the internet speeds will still be based upon the Wi-Fi data rate. Where the device can boost the rate to 150 Mbps (2.4 GHz), if the monitor and the service plan you have does not allot for this data rate, you may need to upgrade your plan in order to maximize the potential of the all-in-one signal booster.

    HDTV Signal Booster Specifics.

    The signal in the HDTV and the internet seem to be considered by most people the same thing, but they are not. The frequency range is different as well as the methodology in which a signal is gained and sent to the device. As such, a simple Wi-Fi booster would not be too effective (though you may see a slight increase in the signal) in most cases. Again, you will need to have a model specifically intended for HDTV service. Even if the device has a LAN or WAN port and a HDMI connector does not mean that the device is compatible with HDTV services. Therefore, this device boosts reception for up to 35 television set antenna’s over-the-air (OTA) HDTV signals to boost reception for TV channels and networks like PBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. HDTV specifications are as follows:

    HDTV Supported Frequency Ranges.

    54-72/ 76-88/ 174-216/ 470-608/ 614-698.

    Maximum Output Power.

    3 Watt EIRP.

    ConsumerBooster Installation Notice.

    This is a consumer device. Per FCC, you must register with your carrier after purchase.

    Soft Installation.

    Prior to committing to the installation of your Fusion 7 system, we suggestthat you perform a soft installation. The soft installation involves setting (but not mounting) the device in the intended locations and then checking the signal coverage and strength.

    When performing your soft install, consider the placement and the number of antennas needed. Exterior and interior antennas should have a positive gain, preferably around +3. Generally, the OSL or outside signal level will between -50 and -100dBm. The signal will always be in the negatives in terms of the dBm. Where the dropped calls and signal strength is at is weakest is between the -85 to -100 dBm levels. So, if your antenna has a +3 gain which results in a -82 dBm you may want to consider another antenna or better placement.

    Interior placements should be at ceiling levels or high levels which are not obscured. Ensure that you have a 110 VAC outlet nearby and that the outlet is properly grounded. The device should NOT be placed within a tightly enclosed area or in areas which receive an abundance of heat (such as in the kitchen or the food court where the steam and heat could effect it). Once the strongest signal and position for the device has been established, have the device hard installed (mounted).

    Mounting the Booster.

    The booster amplifier or repeater is the core of the Fusion7 All-In-one Cellular, Wi-Fi, and HDTV booster. As such, it is important that the device is mounted in the best manner to maximize the signal boosting capabilities of the device. After detecting where the strongest signal is located, position your antennas accordingly. Prior to your hard install, mount the booster and test the system. The booster should be mounted by:

    • Using the mount screws provided and tightening them to a firm secured position. Do not use any screws which are not included with the device as they may go too far and damage the system. Do not overtighten the screws.
    • Use plywood of at least ¾” thickness mounted to the studs to secure the booster. Plywood must be level with the lights facing away from the wall/ceiling.
    • Connect the antenna cables for both the exterior and inside antenna at the specified ports.
    • After all cables are connected to the booster and to their appropriate antennas connect the powers.

    Testing the All-In-One Booster.

      The specific sectors of HDTV, Cellular, PCS, AWS, Wi-FI, etc. will be indicated on the device below the power button. Each sector has its own light which will indicate if that function is on and working properly.

      NOTE: When you first turn on the booster it will flash yellow lights for about 10 seconds. Should there be any yellow lights after about 20 to 30 seconds, there is something which should be addressed. If at any point you see red lights on the system you should identify and fix this issue before conducting any further adjustments. Red lights are warning lights and should not be disregarded.

      ConsumerBooster Considerations and Safe Guards.

      Where the all-in-one unit can help to boost the signal, it is important to understand what the system can and cannot do. The system is designed to give the most reception possible. However, it is unlikely that you will have 5 bars in all locations of the building (as this is practically impossible given the obstructions and structural considerations of most buildings).

      The Fusion 7 is equipped with a safeguard system which will automatically shut the system down if two or more red lights come on. If oscillation is detected a warning light will flash. Should the problem not be fixed in 15 minutes the system will shut down until further testing is performed.

      Do you have additional questions? We can help.

      If you are looking to maximize the potential signals in your home or officeproperty and would like to know more about SureCall’s all-in-one cellular, internet, and HDTV signal booster, please let us know. We specializes in signal boosting technology and devices. As this booster is revolutionary to the signal booster market, it is quite understandable that you may have questions regarding the installation, the functionality, or the practicality of using the device for your business. Please feel free to contact us through the contact page of our website, by chat, or call us directly.

      From the manufacturer:

      The Fusion7 is an All-in-One Solution for Eliminating Dropped Calls, Extending Wi-Fi, and Enhancing HDTV.

      It is perfect solution for installations to cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. inside big homes, large office suites or office building floors, etc. Fusion 7 incorporates SureCall's patented, all-carrier cellular technology to enhance indoor cell phone voice and data coverage for reliable voice and LTE data performance. Additional benefits: Virtually eliminates dropped and missed calls for all American carriers.

      Built-in Wi-Fi router that provides fast and reliable data and extends network coverage.

      "Cut the cord" with cable companies - Fusion7's HDTV booster brings locally aired broadcast stations into your building and along with the built-in Wi-Fi, provides dependable streaming content for on-demand streaming media such as Netflix®, Amazon Prime® and Hulu®.

      The 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular signal booster component of this Wi-Fi, HDTV, Cellular all-in-one booster kit is compatible with following United States wireless service providers:

      American Service Providers
      AT&T Wireless.
      Boost Mobile.
      C Spire.
      Cricket Wireless.
      Metro PCS.
      Simple Mobile.
      Straight Talk.
      T-Mobile USA.
      US Cellular.
      Verizon Wireless.
      Virgin Mobile USA.

      Fusion7 ™ Specifications

      FrequencyLTE-A: 698-716/728-746 Mhz; LTE-V 776-787/746-757 MHz; PCS 1850-1910/1930-1990 MHz; AWS: 1710-1755/2110-2155 MHz
      Input Impedance50 ohm
      Average GainCellular- 65dB / PCS-72dB / LTE(A)-63.5dB / LTE(V)-64dB / AWS-71dB
      Maximum GainCellular- 65dB / PCS-72dB / LTE(A)-63.5dB / LTE(V)-64dB / AWS-71dB
      Standard SupportedCDMA / WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, HSPA+, EVDO, LTE, and all cellular standards, Wi-Fi and HDTV
      AC Power TransformerInput AC 110V,60Hz; Output DC 19 V
      DC Power12V
      Maximum RF Output Power1 Watt EIRP
      Noise Figure6dB
      RF connectorsN Female on both ends
      Power Consumption<25 W
      Dimensions10" x 9.5" x 2.25"
      Weight8 lb 11oz
      SureCall Fusion 7 Technical Specifications.
      FREQUENCYCellular Uplink:698–716 / 776–787 / 824-849 / 1710–1755 / 1850–1915.
      Cellular Downlink:728–746 / 746–757 / 869–894 / 1930–1995 / 2110–2155.
      Wi-Fi Range:2.4-2.4835 GHz.
      HDTV Receive Ranges:54-72 / 76-88 / 174-216 / 470-608 / 614-698 (MHz).
      MAX GAINCellular 72 dB / Wi-Fi 23 dB / HDTV 23 dB.
      MAX WI-FI WIRELESS DATA RATE150 Mbps (2.4 GHz).
      DIMENSIONS10 x 9.5 x 2.75 In.
      WEIGHT10 lbs.

      Alternate Part Numbers:

      • SC-SeptH/O
      • SCSeptH/O
      • SCSeptHO
      • SeptH/O
      • SeptHO
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