Bill Gross Net Worth in 2024: A Detailed Look at the Life of The Bond King - Wealthy Figures (2024)

Bill Gross Net Worth is estimated to be $2.6 Billion.

When it comes to the world of finance, one name that often stands out is Bill Gross, the renowned fund manager and co-founder of PIMCO.

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at Bill Gross net worth in 2024 and explore some fascinating aspects of his life.

Bill Gross, a renowned bond fund manager, likely had exposure to his Total Return bond fund for decades.

In 2013, Total Return had nearly $500 billion in assets, with Gross earning $300 million in one year and having $700 million to invest in a new fund.

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Bill Gross Net Worth:

Bill Gross Net Worth in 2024: A Detailed Look at the Life of The Bond King - Wealthy Figures (1)

Bill Gross, an American investor and fund manager, is estimated to have a net worth of $2.6 billion as of the 2023 census.

Before joining Janus Capital Group in 2014, he managed a $270 billion Total Return Fund.


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Gross’s Expenditures:

Bill Gross’s financial habits are a subject of interest and debate.

Bill Gross Net Worth: Home

Bill Gross Net Worth in 2024: A Detailed Look at the Life of The Bond King - Wealthy Figures (2)

Bill Gross’s $32 million mansion is an awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece.

With wide views of the Open Ocean and plush facilities, this mansion reflects his wealth as well as sophisticated preference.

It provides the most advanced facilities such as a private theater, wine cellar, and an incredible infinity pool.

It becomes a refuge for Gross, and he finds the utmost peace there away from all of the noise in finance.

Bill Gross Net Worth: Private Jets

As a multi-millionaire, Bill Gross has lived a life of high living, and among his many luxuries he owns not one but two private jets.

As he owns the Gulfstream G650ER which is a famous plane that can fly about 7,500 miles without refueling, and the Dassault Falcon9LX known for its huge interior.

All these private jets enable Gross to travel in a comfortable and luxurious manner throughout the world.

Bill Gross Net Worth: Luxury Yachts

In addition to his private jets, Bill Gross is also a proud owner of two luxurious yachts: the Ethereal and the Sense.

The Ethereal represents an ideal blend of grace and modernity, complete with expansive decks, a helipad as well as opulent living quarters.

However, the Sense provides a thrilling environment with its superior performance and piles of facilities.

Through these yachts, Gross can hide from the high-speed life and find harmony in a calm ocean.

Stamp Collection

Gross is a stamp enthusiast who created a comprehensive collection of 19th-century U.S. postage stamps in 2005.

Other Purchases

Gross, a golf enthusiast, competed alongside Tiger Woods and other professionals at the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach.

Divorce Settlements

While Bill Gross has been very successful financially, he also had his fair share of problems, especially in the area of personal life.

He had received two divorce settlements that were quite large because he was divorced twice. Although the particulars of these deals remained hidden, it could be assumed that had a considerable impact on Bill Gross net worth.

Early Life:

William Hunt “Bill” Gross, born in 1944, is an American investor and fund manager known for co-founding Pacific Investment Management Co. and managing their $270 billion Total Return Fund before joining Janus Capital Group in September 2014.

He served in the Navy and played blackjack in Las Vegas. His gambling skills improved his understanding of risk, which he used in the bond market to discover the concept of “Total Return.”


Born in Middletown, Ohio, to Shirley and Sewell Mark Gross, he was raised as a Presbyterian and moved to San Francisco in 1954. He graduated from Duke University in 1966 as an Angier B. Duke Scholar and a psychology degree, with some family roots from Winnipeg, Canada.

Born in Ohio, and raised as a Presbyterian, he moved to San Francisco in 1954. He graduated from Duke University in 1966 with a psychology degree and some family roots in Winnipeg, Canada.

In 1970, he retired from the Navy with Tet combat and Vietnam active service ribbons. He earned an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1971. Gross applied gambling methods for risk spread and odds calculation to investment decisions.

Career & Investment:

Gross, known as the “Bond King,” managed one of the world’s largest mutual funds, focusing on bonds and fixed-income investments.

He co-founded Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO) and managed PIMCO’s Total Return fund, the world’s largest bond fund, and several smaller ones until his departure in 2014.

In March 2019, The Financial Times reported that Gross’s innovation in bond investing was active, aggressive bond trading.

Historically, insurers and pension funds were big bond buyers, rarely trading and enjoying cordial relationships with Wall Street. He co-founded Pacific Investment Management and managed PIMCO’s Total Return fund.

In 2019, he retired from Janus Henderson Investors and shifted to fund management, focusing on managing his personal assets and private charitable foundation, the William, Jeff, and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation.

Personal Life:

Gross has been married three times, first to Pamela Roberts in 1968, then Sue J. Frank in 1985, and a contentious divorce in 2018. Both own Laguna Beach, California homes.

Highlights & Lessons:

  • The autobiography by Richard Nixon reveals that all the common misconceptions about investing are incorrect.
  • Co-founder Pacific Investment Management.
  • Left PIMCO (2014)
  • Investing in the right person or organization is a crucial financial decision, and one of the key lessons is to find contrarian ideas that are known to be true but not yet believed by others.
  • Gross’s success is not solely due to his success, but also due to his career lessons that a team of talented individuals is crucial for success.


Q. Who is Bill Gross?

A. Bill Gross, also known as the “Bond King,” co-founded Pacific Investment Management Company, PIMCO.

Q. How much is Bill Gross worth?

A. Gross’s net worth is estimated to be $2.6 billion.

Q. How old is Bill Gross?

A. Bill Gross, born on April 13, 1944, is currently 79 years old.

Bill Gross Net Worth in 2024: A Detailed Look at the Life of The Bond King - Wealthy Figures (2024)
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