Chopped Salad With Chickpeas, Feta and Avocado Recipe (2024)

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This was a hit. It tasted so delicious and I want to make it again. If I were to make it again I would make some changes.1. I would double the avocado2. I would double the capers3. I would eat it with a spork so you could catch the chickpeas and capers along with everything else4. I served with tongs but it should be served with a spoon5.I would add way more fetaAnyways, those are some changes I would make but it is delicious on its own.(I am 10 years old)


Loved it! Instead of red wine vinegar, I used a fresh lime....oooh, smacking my lips! The lime lifts the flavors up substantially. Also, used zucchini, instead of cucumber.

Kel B

Meal prep tip. Combine the chicken peas, cucumbers, green olives, dressing, herbs, and feta. Keep in the refrigerator until you want to eat. Fresh romaine, fresh avocado, some more parsley, top with your refrigerated veggies, and croutons. Delicious recipe!

A Reader

This is delicious, but only in a parallel universe could this feed 4-6 reasonably hungry individuals. Double it!

Shari Wilds

‘Fried’ the bread cubes( used old sourdough)on low, olive oil, Italian dried herbs, sea salt until crisp (way too hot for oven). Sub’d zucchini for cucs (son won’t eat’em). Also added mini klumato tomatoes and small dice red and yellow peppers and more scallions on top! Deeeeeeelicious!


Add chicken. Delete bread. Some people use kalamata olives and lime instead of green olives and red wine vinegar.


Idk how this recipe only has 4 stars; this is one of the best salads I've ever had and definitely the best I've ever homemade. The dressing is the most delightful.I eat this as my meal, so it's only 2 servings. If it's a lil side salad it could probably be 4-6 but it's too good to eat as a lil side salad.

MD reader

Omitted the bread (I'm not a big fan of croutons), used dried mint & dill (didn't have fresh), added cherry tomatoes. It was a big hit! Two of the fans said they did NOT like capers or when I told them afterwards what was in it, they were borderline horrified. Yet still went back for seconds :) Tip: forget "whisking". Put the ingredients in a jar w/a tight lid and shake it to emulsify. Far easier/faster.


I just made this on a 100 degree day and I didn't want to turn on the oven to toast bread, so I skipped the croutons. It was delicious and I didn't miss them at all. I'll bet a nice, crusty baguette would be a good substitute. I used a lot of fresh dill and cilantro mixed into the entire salad instead of just on top. The fresh herbs and the dressing really make this salad special! I'll try it with the croutons next time.


OMG this was phenomenal!! I admittingly doubled the vinegar, shallots and mustard. My only suggestion is for smaller groups/individuals, I mixed all ingredients together except for the cheese, avocado, bread and lettuce and left it in the fridge. I keep adding to mixed greens and salad and ate for several days.


This salad was a great use of advocadoes on the edge of decay and leftover chicken. I would have liked 1-2 more Tbspns of red wine vinegar in the dressing, and believe the green olives could be swapped with black without spoiling the flavors. I used a lot of fresh dill because it was what I had and it was perfect - might use only dill next time. A keeper.


Good lunch salad. Full meal in one. If you don’t have stale bread, lightly toast some slices in your toaster before putting in oven so they are appropriately dried out going in.

Doug G

This is totally a winner! Have made it a few times with a couple of iterations:1. To make it an entree, added grilled shrimp.2. For gluten-free, used mini “tater-tots” for croutons. Just double cooking time in oven and they are toasty brown and crunchy. Huge hit!3. Swapped out black beans for a non-chick pea lover in the house!So versatile and is even better the next day!


I made a diary and gluten free version using Cassava Croutons and Violife just like Feta cheese. Super tasty and filling!


This was a winner! Did not change a thing. My teenagers also thought it was a hit. We’re having friends over this weekend and this will definitely have a spot on the table.

Tim L.

Very good just the way it's written.


This is an excellent salad with a mix of unexpected flavors that are perfectly balanced. The olives, feta, chickpeas, avocado along with the capers in the dressing make this a delicious and unusual chopped salad. I used Trader Joe’s jarred grilled olives…they are packed in oil so I drained them well before chopping. A great flavor! I also used basil for the herb finish. Wonderful! A big hit at a chili potluck!


I was looking for something quick and leafy-green to serve as an hors d'oeuvre, and this was perfect. I scooped it into leaves of Endive, which held up well, and made it easy to eat as a finger food. For changes the next time, and I will for sure do this again, I might add more capers, but it's such a flexible recipe, you could make all sorts of modifications and it would be wonderful.


This was very good. I didn’t add olives cuz, Joe.


My favorite food. We call this salad, 'best salad' and make it in every week in the summer. this salad is so good that, no joke, my first night home from the hospital after giving birth, I ate THIS SALAD. I could have had anything. If I had wanted like a steak burrito or pho or saag paneer or ravioli, my husband would have gotten it for me. This salad was what I wanted. Sometimes I leave out the croutons and eat it with good bread. Sometimes I throw in a handful of leftover roast chicken.


This is one of my favorite recipes! The flavors are wonderful. I do add two avocados.


Winner! Came together in no time. I had to substitute red onions for scallions and manzanilla olives for castelvetranos.Still delish!


This is off the charts good! I served with Florence F's chicken tagine and it was an excellent balance. I used Kel B's suggestion to prep most of it the night before and then just added the romaine, avocado and feta at the last minute. Used fresh dill and parsley for the herbs.


Modifications I Made:- Added sumac to the dressing- Increased amounts of: Capers, Shallots, Scallions, Vinegar- Increased amount of fresh herbs, included all 4: dill, basil, mint or parsley. Added the dill in both the dressing and on own in salad.- Left out the croutons- Baked chickpeas in oven with sumac to be crispy- Sprinkled pomegranate on top (to add some festive red color as it was for Christmas)

Pine State Siskin

We love this salad and make it often. Simple, delicious and very satisfying.


Best salad ever! I make this about 2-3 times/month. Instead of croutons I like to use sesame sticks.




Great recipe, so flavorful! can always change up with different legumes or protein. used black beans and it was a hit.


Enjoyed the salad but it was extremely salty and I didn’t even add the capers! I did omit the croutons, so perhaps those are integral in balancing out the salt? Next time I would leave out another salty component, such as olives or feta, or heavilyreduce the amount in the salad. Will definitely make it again, though.


Delicious. Used naan instead of bread or pita. It was so good I’ll use even more next time.

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Chopped Salad With Chickpeas, Feta and Avocado Recipe (2024)
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