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Question #: 29
Topic #: 6

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What two statements regarding the Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) are true?

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When you work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, one of the first steps is to set up a virtual cloud network (VCN) for your cloud resources.


A virtual, private network that you set up in Oracle data centers. It closely resembles a traditional network, with firewall rules and specific types of communication gateways that you can choose to use. A VCN resides in a single Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region and covers a single, contiguous IPv4 CIDR block of your choice. SeeAllowed VCN Size and Address Ranges. The termsvirtual cloud network,VCN, and cloud networkare used interchangeably in this documentation. For more information, seeVCNs and Subnets.


Subdivisions you define in a VCN (for example, and Subnets contain virtual network interface cards (VNICs), which attach to instances. Each subnet consists of a contiguous range of IP addresses that do not overlap with other subnets in the VCN. You can designate a subnet to exist either in a single availability domainavailability domain

or across an entire region (regional subnets are recommended). Subnets act as a unit of configuration within the VCN: All VNICs in a given subnet use the same route table, security lists, and DHCP options (see the definitions that follow). You can designate a subnet as either public or private when you create it. Private means VNICs in the subnet can't have public IP addresses. Public means VNICs in the subnet can have public IP addresses at your discretion. SeeAccess to the Internet.


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Which 2 statements are valid regarding an OCI VCN? ›

Which two statements are valid regarding Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) peering between two VCNs? Peered VCNs can exist in the same OCI region. A VCN peering connection is a VPN-based connection. Peered VCNs can have overlapping CIDRs.

Which three pricing models are available for OCI? ›

Pricing models for OCI services
  • Consistent Global Pricing.
  • Pay As You Go.
  • Oracle Universal Credits.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
  • Oracle Support Rewards.

What does Oracle's payment card industry data security standard PCI DSS attestation of compliance provide to customers? ›

PCI DSS is a set of network security and business best practices guidelines adopted by the PCI Security Standards Council to establish a “minimum security standard” to protect customers' payment card information.

Which pricing model is available for Oracle cloud infrastructure? ›

Base Database Service - Virtual Machine
ProductComparison Price (/vCPU) *Unit price
Oracle Base Database Service – BYOL₹ 8.015379525₹ 16.03075905
Oracle Database Cloud Service - All Editions - BYOL₹ 8.015379525₹ 16.03075905
Oracle Database Cloud Service - Enterprise Edition - General Purpose₹ 17.816096815₹ 35.63219363
8 more rows

What is the difference between public and private subnets in OCI? ›

Instances in the public subnet have direct access to the internet by way of an internet gateway . Instances in the private subnet can initiate internet connections by way of a NAT gateway (for example, to get software updates), but cannot receive inbound connections from the internet through that gateway.

What are the 2 specifications for OCI? ›

OCI has two specs, an Image spec and a Runtime spec.

What are the 3 general approaches to pricing? ›

In this short guide we approach the three major and most common pricing strategies:
  • Cost-Based Pricing.
  • Value-Based Pricing.
  • Competition-Based Pricing.
Sep 19, 2017

Is OCI cheaper than Azure? ›

OCI standard Intel-based VMs are 50% cheaper than equivalent Azure instances, Block Storage is 98% cheaper and data egress is 95% cheaper than Azure data egress (as of January 2021). Customers can realize significant savings moving their workloads to OCI.

How many services are there in OCI? ›

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers over 70 cloud services, so we will cover only the high-level domains.

What is PCI compliance checklist? ›

PCI compliance is a set of requirements designed to ensure the security of credit card information stored on computer systems. These standards were created by the payment industry to help prevent fraud and improve data security.

Which three 3 of these are PCI DSS requirements for any company handling? ›

  • PCI DSS Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data. ...
  • PCI DSS Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters. ...
  • PCI DSS Requirement 3: Protect stored cardholder data.

Which 3 describe what is included in the scope of payment card industry PCI standards? ›

A business or organization's PCI scope includes all people, processes, and technologies that "touch," interact with, or affect the security of cardholder data. With a proper understanding of PCI scope, you can ensure that your software products help you and your clients improve payment security.

What are the 3 pricing models of cloud computing explain? ›

Cost-based model, which merge the profit with the level of Cost. Value-Based, which take into consideration the basis of user perceiving value. Competition-based, which take into consideration the competitor price of services.

What are different costing methods Oracle supports? ›

Cost Management supports four perpetual costing methods: Standard Costing, Average Costing, FIFO Costing, and LIFO Costing.

Which is the most expensive cloud service model? ›

While Azure is the most expensive choice for general purpose instances, it's one of the most cost-effective alternatives to compute optimized instances.

What are the 3 private subnets? ›

Private Address Ranges
  • Class A: 10.0. 0.0 to 10.255. 255.255.
  • Class B: 172.16. 0.0 to 172.31. 255.255.
  • Class C: 192.168. 0.0 to 192.168. 255.255.

How do I know if my VPC is public or private? ›

So, to determine if a given subnet is public or private, you need to describe the route table that is associated with that subnet. That will tell you the routes and you can test for a 0.0. 0.0/0 route with a gateway ID of igw-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (as opposed to local ).

Can a VPC have multiple public subnets? ›

Subnet diagram

The following diagram shows two VPCs in a Region. Each VPC has public and private subnets and an internet gateway. You can optionally add subnets in a Local Zone, as shown in the diagram.

Is a Docker image an OCI image? ›

The OCI format is a specification for container images based on the Docker Image Manifest Version 2, Schema 2 format. Container Registry supports pushing and pulling OCI images.

How do I create an OCI image? ›

Create a custom image
  1. Sign in to the OCI Console.
  2. Open the navigation menu, go to Compute, and click Instances.
  3. Click the instance that you want to use as the basis for the custom image.
  4. Click More Actions, and then click Create Custom Image.
Oct 30, 2020

What is OCI advantage and disadvantage? ›

The OCI card benefits refer to the rights you gain, like working rights, living as a resident, and entering India as many times as you want. One of the major drawbacks is that you must surrender your Indian passport as India doesn't accept dual citizenship.

What are two basic methods of pricing? ›

The pricing methods can be broadly divided into two groups—cost-oriented method and market-oriented method.

What are the two common forms of cost plus pricing? ›

This appears in two forms: the first, full cost pricing, takes into consideration both variable and fixed costs and adds a % markup. The other is direct cost pricing, which is variable costs plus a % markup.

What is the difference between Oracle Cloud and OCI? ›

Oracle OIC vs OCI

OIC runs on top of OCI. Whereas OCI stands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is an IaaS and PaaS offering from Oracle which offers real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle's autonomous services, integrated security, and Serverless computing.

Is OCI better than AWS? ›

Simplify and automate security with our zero-trust approach. OCI is designed with a zero-trust, security-first architecture. Unlike AWS, OCI provides you with easy-to-implement security controls and automation to prevent misconfiguration errors and implement security best practices.

Why is OCI better? ›

Customers choose OCI for performance and cost advantages

Runs security SaaS product on OCI to monitor thousands of workloads per customer. They're getting 60X better performance and 90% lower costs. Expects to reduce costs by 50% for its statewide ERP that supports 150,000 employees.

What type of database is OCI? ›

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database service offers autonomous and co-managed Oracle Database systems in the cloud. You can also manage Oracle Databases located outside the Oracle Cloud with OCI's External Database service.

How many data centers are in Oracle? ›

Oracle Cloud offers services from 41 public cloud regions in 22 countries. Each Oracle Cloud region offers a consistent set of more than 100 cloud services designed to run any application, faster and more securely, for less. Oracle Datacenters are distributed around the world.

What is an EC2 in OCI? ›

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Users can launch instances with a variety of OSs, load them with custom application environments, manage network access permissions, and run images on multiple systems.

What are the 4 PCI standards? ›

Level 1: Merchants that process over 6 million card transactions annually. Level 2: Merchants that process 1 to 6 million transactions annually. Level 3: Merchants that process 20,000 to 1 million transactions annually. Level 4: Merchants that process fewer than 20,000 transactions annually.

What is PCI compliance for dummies? ›

PCI standards present technical and operational requirements for protecting cardholder data. The standards apply to any organization that stores, processes or transmits cardholder data.

What are the 6 principles of PCI DSS? ›

What Are The 6 Major Principles of PCI DSS?
  • Secure Network Requirements:
  • Cardholder Data Requirements:
  • Vulnerability Management Requirements:
  • Assess Controls Requirements:
  • Monitoring and Testing Requirements.
  • Security Policies Requirements.

What are the 12 requirements of PCI DSS? ›

The PCI DSS 12 requirements are as follows:
  • Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data.
  • Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters.
  • Protect stored cardholder data.
  • Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

What cardholder data can never be stored? ›

Never store the card-validation code or value (three- or four-digit number printed on the front or back of a payment card used to validate card-not-present transactions). Never store the personal identification number (PIN) or PIN Block.

What is requirement 3.3 of PCI DSS? ›

Requirement 3.3 of the PCI DSS mandates organizations to mask PANs when they are displayed, ensuring: Truncated PAN cardholder data to display only a maximum of the first six and last four digits at any time. Only personnel with a legitimate business need can access entire PANs.

What are the different levels of PCI transactions? ›

PCI Level 1: Businesses processing over 6 million transactions per year. PCI Level 2: Businesses processing 1 million to 6 million transactions per year. PCI Level 3: Businesses processing 20,000 to 1 million transactions per year. PCI Level 4: Businesses processing less than 20,000 transactions per year.

How many transactions for PCI compliance? ›

The following are the 4 levels of PCI compliance: Level 1: Merchants processing over 6 million card transactions per year. Level 2: Merchants processing 1 to 6 million transactions per year. Level 3: Merchants handling 20,000 to 1 million transactions per year.

What are the 3 main types models in cloud computing? ›

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are the three most popular types of cloud service offerings. They are sometimes referred to as cloud service models or cloud computing service models.

What are the three 3 cloud deployment models? ›

In general, there are three main cloud computing models available from the public cloud providers:
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) ...
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) ...
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
Sep 13, 2022

What are the 3 kinds of cloud service models? ›

There are also three main types of cloud computing services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Choosing a cloud type or cloud service is a unique decision.

What are the 4 C in Oracle Apps? ›

Note: The 4 C's is defined as Chart of Accounts, Calendar, Currency, and accounting Convention.

What is the difference between standard cost and average cost in Oracle? ›

value inventory at a predetermined cost.
Standard and Average Costing Compared.
Average CostingStandard Costing
No shared costs; average cost is maintained separately in each organizationCan share costs across organizations when not using Work in Process
Maintains the average unit cost with each transactionMoving average cost is not maintained
6 more rows

What is payment method in Oracle? ›

The payment method can be electronic, such as EFT, bill payable, or wire, or printed, such as a check. You can use a payment method to pay one or multiple third-party payees. The purpose of creating disbursement payment methods is to: Define the disbursement payment methods you want to use to make payments.

Which cloud model is cheapest? ›

Google Cloud tends to be the lowest price when no SSD is needed and the higest when SSD is required due to the price of adding on a 375 GB local SSD. Google Cloud is higher priced on the “per GB RAM” cost for highcpu due to the fact that it includes less than half the memory of AWS and Azure.

What is the cheapest payment model in the cloud? ›

On-demand or pay-per-use pricing is the simplest and mostly the default option at cloud providers. Customers pay exactly what they use.

Which type of cloud is cheaper? ›

Google Cloud is much cheaper than AWS and Azure for computing optimized cloud-based instances. On the other hand, it's more expensive than others when it comes to the instance types of accelerated computing.

Which two statements are true about OCI? ›

Which to which two statements are true about OCI compute service? It provides different sizes for different types of workloads and it provides options to create bare metal or a virtual machine.

Which statement is true about a virtual cloud network VCN subnet? ›

Which statement is true about a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)? Subnets can only be private.

Which two statements are true about Oracle Cloud infrastructure OCI DB systems? ›

Which two statements are true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) DB Systems? The database and backups are encrypted by default. Customers can consolidate multiple database homes on a single virtual machine database host.

What are the two OCI VCN firewall features? ›

The OCI Networking service offers two virtual firewall features: Security Lists (SL): The original virtual firewall feature from the Networking service.
Resources That Support Network Security Groups:
  • Compute instances.
  • Load balancers.
  • DB systems.
  • Autonomous Databases.
Sep 15, 2022

What is the difference between Oracle OCI and OCI C? ›

Oracle OCI provides both Bare Metal & Virtual Machines (whereas OCI-C provides only Virtual Machine) [Updated on 15th Mar, Thanks Manjunath for pointing out typo] The hypervisor in VM option of OCI is based on KVM (whereas on OCI-C this is Xen based Hypervisor) Bring Your Own Hypervisor (BYOH) only available in OCI.

Which two statements are true about security zones in OCI? ›

Which statement is true about Security Zones? Data in a security zone can be copied to another standard compartment. They are associated with a compartment.
  • It provides fault-tolerant infrastructure.
  • It is a SaaS service.
  • It allows Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • It provides in-transit data encryption.

What is the difference between Oracle and OCI? ›

Oracle OIC vs OCI

OIC runs on top of OCI. Whereas OCI stands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is an IaaS and PaaS offering from Oracle which offers real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle's autonomous services, integrated security, and Serverless computing.

How many subnets can a VCN have? ›

About Regional Subnets
ResourceScopeOracle Universal Credits
IPv6 PrefixesVCN5
IPv4 CIDRsSubnet1
4 more rows
Mar 16, 2023

Can a VCN have only one public subnet? ›

Can a private VCN have a public Subnet? Ans: VCN is a network (you don't define VCN as public or private), and only Subnets are defined as public and private. VCN can have both public and private Subnets.

Why VCN is used in OCI? ›

Just like a traditional data center network, the VCN provides customers with complete control over their cloud networking environment. This includes assigning private IP address spaces, creating subnets and route tables, and configuring stateful firewalls.

What are three main capabilities of Oracle Integration cloud? ›

What Are the Key Features of OIC?
  • SaaS and On-Premises Integration. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and is basically a service that offers an application over the internet, rather than having to install it and manage it yourself. ...
  • Data Stream Analytics. ...
  • Simplified Automated Design. ...
  • Easy Setup.
Jan 10, 2022

What are the two main components of an Oracle server? ›

The shared pool, which contains two main components. The library cache, which is a cache of SQL statements, etc. The dictionary cache, which caches Oracle own internal information, such as information about users and tables.

Which three services integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI? ›

The Key Management service is integrated with many OCI services, including Block Volumes, File Storage, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Object Storage.

What are the two main security layers used inside a VPC? ›

In a VPC, both Security Groups and Network ACLs (NACLS) together help to build a layered network defence.

What is the difference between stateful and stateless OCI? ›

Stateful firewalls are capable of monitoring and detecting states of all traffic on a network to track and defend based on traffic patterns and flows. Stateless firewalls, however, only focus on individual packets, using preset rules to filter traffic.

What are the two main types of firewall network firewall? ›

There are two types of firewalls based on what they protect: network-based and host-based. Network-based firewalls, which are frequently hardware, protect entire networks. Host-based firewalls, which are frequently software, protect individual devices known as hosts.


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