15 Best Enterprise SEO Agency Software In 2022 (For Efficient Scaling) (2024)

SEO is a high margin activity and organic search traffic is essential for your online business. Larger businesses need a comprehensive, strategic approach to search engine optimization. Enterprise SEO software streamlines your workflows and helps you optimize websites with thousands of web pages and keywords.

Your time is valuable, so why spend it trying to do basic SEO when you can hire professionals? Enterprise SEO agencies have high-level SEO strategies that will help increase your revenue in a scalable way. Hiring a reliable SEO agency with knowledge specific to larger businesses takes due diligence. We’ve compiled a list of top recommendations for finding an enterprise SEO Agency software you can trust with your money and brand.

Top 15 Best Enterprise SEO Agency Software

  1. seoClarity – Best for tracking irregularities on live content
  2. SEMrush – Best at showing which keywords are doing well
  3. BrightEdge – Best at providing localized results
  4. WebFX – Best customer service
  5. AgencyAnalytics – Best for robust data visualization
  6. Serpstat – Best for PPC analysis
  7. SpyFu – Best for competitor research
  8. SE Ranking – Best for SERP ranking analysis
  9. DeepCrawl – Best for site crawls
  10. Ahrefs – Best for website link profile analysis
  11. SEO Powersuite – Best value for a professional toolkit
  12. Raven Tools – Best for pulling data for client reports
  13. Siteimprove – Best for scoring your website’s accessibility
  14. Awario – Best for social media marketing
  15. SEOptimer – Best for quick SEO analysis

1. seoClarity – Best for tracking irregularities on live content

Pricing: seoClarity provides 4 packages for a wide range of customers. The Professional package starts at $4,500 and is ideal for brands with global SEO teams, multiple domains, 5,000+ keyword queries. The Agency package is ideal for a minimum of 10 client domains, 200 keywords per domain, and the price varies.

seoClarity incorporates machine-learning technology that delivers quick data to identify gaps and actionable insights. This software merges rank tracking, content marketing, reporting, keyword search, technical SEO, and competitor insights under one roof. 60% of seoClarity’s customers upgraded from another SEO platform. Their Local Clarity function is great if your company groups its clients based on their geographical location by giving you access to local keywords.

Custom enterprise solutions for large SEO teamsClunky interface can make it difficult to find what you are looking for
Advanced technical SEO featuresIntimidating software for users not comfortable with highly detailed data
Workflow tools that simplify the content production process
Desktop and mobile daily rank tracking

2. SEMrush – Best at showing which keywords are doing well

Pricing: SemRush provides 3 unique plans for a variety of customers. The Guru package, starting at $229.95/month, is best for SMEs, growing agencies, and marketing consultants. The Business package is the best option for large agencies and enterprises, starting at $449.95/month.

With over 7 million users, 46 million domains, and 120 million keywords, SEMrush is trusted by marketers around the world. SEMrush helps with your content marketing by tracking a variety of metrics, such as competitor analysis. This all-in-one search engine optimization for digital marketers will enable you to measure campaigns across all channels to improve your online visibility.

Great for competitor analysisExtensive keyword list and management database
Excellent backlink analysis1 user per subscription
PPC keyword searchCan produce inaccurate data
New features added constantly
Simple to use

3. BrightEdge – Best at providing localized results

Pricing: For pricing details, contact Brightedge online or over the phone at 800-578-8023.

BrightEdge lets you easily analyze content performance. Brightedge’s Data Cube hosts billions of pieces of information, including search terms, media, content, and keywords. This will enable you to come up with effective campaigns that widen the reach of your content while generating more revenue. The company’s over 1,700 global customers include 57 of the Fortune 100 companies and brands.

Competitor BenchmarkingAffordability
Keyword search and auditingTricky to understand some metrics at first
Customer serviceSet up takes time

4. WebFX – Best customer service

Pricing: WebFX features 3 enterprise SEO service plans starting at $11,500/month to $21,500/month. You will need to request a free marketing plan proposal before working with the company.

WebFX has been consistently rated as one of the best SEO agencies in the world. If your business needs a complete website and marketing overhaul, WebFX can help. They’ve helped bring over 3 million leads to their clients and driven over $700 million in sales.

Excellent customer serviceHard to manage large workloads
Manages all your staff working on contentSome SEO models need improvement
Custom software platformLess automation, more manual work
Monthly report for leads, calls, and website trafficRigid price structure
Experienced team of experts

5. AgencyAnalytics – Best for robust data visualization

Pricing: AgencyAnalytics offers three separate packages. The Enterprise package is best suited for larger agencies with over 100 clients. Contact AgencyAnalytics for pricing via their website.

AgencyAnalytics is an SEO software aimed specifically at agencies. It’s designed to help you easily report the work you’re doing for your clients through custom dashboards for each active marketing campaign. Their automated reporting feature is an excellent tool that will save you valuable time!

Customizable dashboardsLack of built-in tools
Easy to useLimited keywords
Dozens of integrationsLimited customization of imported data

6. Serpstat – Best for PPC analysis

Pricing: With five packages to choose from, you can find the most value for your larger business in Serpstat’s Enterprise package starting at $499/month. Need specific services and more data? Contact Serpstat for pricing on individualized packages via their website.

Used by 250,000 users globally, Serpstat is sure to add value to your business. Launched back in 2013 as a keyword research tool, Serpstat now has a remarkable database of 7 billion keywords. Serpstat is constantly growing its database and adding new features that streamline the SEO process.

Excellent PPC research toolDoesn’t identify all major backlinks
Finds new keywordsDoesn’t locate Google Ads
Easy to useDomain authority and keyword difficulty rankings aren’t the most accurate
Thorough reports with top-notch visualizationLittle data on low-traffic searches
Clean interface

7. SpyFu – Best for competitor research

Pricing: SpyFu offers three different packages. The Professional package is $59/month for an annual plan and $79/month for a monthly plan. The Team package is $199/month for an annual plan and $299/month for a monthly plan.

You’re bound to have more competition, regardless of your type of business. How you deal with competition says a lot about your future success. SpyFu is great for bigger brands that want to “spy” on their competitors’ activity. SpyFu is sure to serve well as an addition to a more comprehensive set of SEO tools.

Easy to useMetrics are updated only once a month
AffordableCluttered user interface
Great at competitor researchDifficult to export charts and graphs
Detailed SEO and PPC reportsManual search required

8. SE Ranking – Best for SERP ranking analysis

Pricing: SE ranking offers three packages. Its most popular package is $71/month and its business package starts at $151/month. For a custom plan, contact SE Ranking on their website.

SE Ranking has grown into a comprehensive set of tools after starting as a rank tracking tool. SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO and digital marketing platform. Over 400,000 users and 25,000 companies use SE Ranking’s SEO tools. SEO professionals or agencies can take advantage of SE Ranking’s white label option that lets you produce branded reports for your clients.

AffordableNo GMB optimization feature
Easy setupCustomer support
API offers extra value to clientsSome keyword research limitations
Extensive competition research feature

9. DeepCrawl – Best for site crawls

Pricing: Price varies by region, company type, and the number of URLs. You can get a quote via DeepCrawl’s website.

DeepCrawl will give you the tools you need to make your websites more accessible and effective by pinpointing technical issues and indexing content for marketing. One key feature will crawl or schedule crawls of millions of URLs. If you need to migrate a website, DeepCrawl’s staging vs. live comparison feature will help you save time by showing the differences between the two versions of your website.

Schedule automatic crawlsNo keyword research, or position monitoring
Custom functionalityOverwhelming amount of crawled data in reports
Filtering functionalityInsufficient explanation about the information in crawl reports
Efficient javascript renderingDifficult to navigate

10. Ahrefs – Best for website link profile analysis

Pricing: Ahrefs offers five different packages. The Advanced package is $399/month, and the Agency package is $999/month. For features that aren’t included in the primary plans, your best bet is Ahrefs Enterprise. The package starts with 20 user seats, daily rank tracker updates, and one-on-one customer support. Book a call to inquire about Ahrefs Enterprise pricing

Ahrefs is a well-known, all-in-one SEO tool for backlink analysis. It has over 11 billion keywords and over 400 billion indexed pages. Your business will certainly benefit from Ahrefs’s thorough backlink checking solution that will let you see which pages receive the most inbound links and find broken links.

Exclusive backlink analysis featureComplex interface
Great link analysis toolLess internal link opportunities
Robust reporting on existing pagesNo traffic analytics for competing domains
Irregular update of keyword rank tracker

11. SEO Powersuite – Best value for a professional toolkit

Pricing: SEO Powersuite is a computer-based software. The best package for a larger company is the Enterprise package starting at $1,396/year. SEO Powersuite regularly offers sales on its packages, so be on the lookout!

Over 500,000 users worldwide recommend SEO Powersuite. It has a set of four tools to help optimize your website and track your progress. These softwares are available both with Windows and Mac. Instead of monthly payments, SEO Powersuite can be at your fingertips with a single upfront payment.

User-friendly formattingSlower speed than cloud-based SEO apps
Reliable rank tracking toolAdditional licenses required to run on different computers
Covers all ranking factorsTricky customer service
Cross-platform compatible apps

12. Raven Tools – Best for pulling data for client reports

Pricing: Raven Tools offers 5 packages. Grow, thrive and lead packages are best suited for larger businesses ranging from $139/month to $399/month, or $1,668/year to $4,788/year. Contact Raven Tools for enterprise pricing.

Raven Tools provides internet marketing software that makes reporting easier by putting all data under one roof. It comes with a full marketing report to track your SEM progress. Raven pulls data from some great sources, including SEMrush and Majestic. This tool will evaluate your website based on 17 metrics for best optimization results.

Integrates with third-party toolsContact finder is hit or miss
Report builder combines marketing data and is easy to customizeOccasional glitches in the reports
Scheduled reporting featureFeatures are less powerful in comparison to top competitors
Professional customer service agentsLess intuitive navigating tool

13. Siteimprove – Best for scoring your website’s accessibility

Pricing: Siteimprove provides flexible pricing for your particular needs. Request a quote via their website.

Top companies like VISA and American Airlines use Siteimprove. This website monitoring platform will help your business manage and grow its digital presence. Siteimprove crawls sites and reports accessibility errors regularly. Quality assurance features will help you deliver content that is up-to-date and error-free.

Easy to useLacks support features
Consistent and clear reportingPricey
Great accessibility check toolComplicated report setup
Slow updates and crawls for larger websites

14. Awario – Best for social media marketing

Pricing: Awario features three different packages. The Enterprise package is the most appropriate for larger businesses and it starts at $299/month.

Awario is a relatively young tool developed by a company headquartered in Belarus. Since releasing their first small project in 2015, Awario has become a full-fledged social listening tool. Awario makes monitoring your brands and products on the web and social media easy by crawling 13 billion sources daily and letting you filter out your websites so you can detect what content your competitors are putting out.

Tracks unlinked brand mentions across several websitesPricey
Finds leads based on information including seed keywordsLimits on the amount of information in reports
Advanced filtering by country, date range, negative keywords, etcTricky to set up alerts
Lets you reach out to influencersNeeds a better onboarding process

15. SEOptimer – Best for quick SEO analysis

Pricing: SEOptimer offers three packages starting from $19/month to $59/month, or $171/year to $531/year.

While SEOptimer doesn’t provide the most detailed analyses, you can get a comprehensive review of your website’s SEO in under 30 seconds. This tool is great at pointing out your website’s broader issues so that you can improve your website for current and future customers.

User-friendlyMinimal key tools for SEO
Social media visibility analysisRecommendations given aren’t very specific
Load speed and image optimization analysisNo mobile app
White label and branded PDF reportsMinimal keywords provided

Top Questions to Ask When Shopping for Enterprise SEO Agency Software

What types of services do you intend to provide as part of the strategy?

When spending your hard-earned money on SEO services, you need to make sure that the company doesn’t leave you guessing. To ensure that progress is made, demand an outline of clear deliverables. Agents should be able to give you a detailed and transparent explanation of their approach to optimization.

Agencies may throw technical terms and buzzwords at you, so don’t forget to search the terminology used and ask for a sample plan of how they will coordinate their work.

How will you help our company optimize content?

SEO tactics are ever-changing, and you need to know that a company can stay ahead of the game. Qualified agencies constantly evaluate their strategies on their site and yours to find which methods work best. Specifics are key. You need to make sure the SEO agency will improve your content, so press your agent for details on clear expectations and a strategy geared to your needs.

How do you approach link building?

If you want traffic from search, you need to secure good links from relevant websites. This is crucial for your site ranking. Ask for a detailed link building plan before choosing an agency to work with. Also, don’t forget to ask them for examples of quality backlinks they’ve built in the past. Avoid agencies that mention paying for links, bulk link building through software, or mass blog commenting.

When can I expect to see results?

Marketing is not a walk in the park. Because search engines are regularly updated and SEO strategies take time, don’t expect to get an exact date for results. A well-respected SEO agency will research your company and niche to deliver an estimate. Don’t take the bait if the agency promises results instantly. It takes time to climb in the rankings.

What is your approach to keyword research?

Keywords are foundational for countless SEO analyses. You need to make sure the agency isn’t pursuing unrelated search phrases that don’t target prospective customers. How an agency determines keyword relevancy is crucial for your business’s success.

How do analyze campaigns and report findings?

Because you’ll be expecting results, you need to ask the agency what to expect each month and how successful the campaign has been. Guide the SEO agency on how comprehensive their reports should be. They should have a clear timetable for reports so you’re not kept in the dark and can adjust your campaign promptly.

What clients has your company worked with and can you share the results?

It’s hard to distinguish which SEO agency best fits your needs out of the hundreds out there. Review who they’ve worked with to see if they have a history of success in your industry. Have your SEO goals in mind so you can see if the agency met those goals while working with another client.

Who will be on the team working for us and how involved will you be in the process?

SEO agencies offer a wide range of services that often focus on different areas. Carefully assess the inner workings of your business to figure out how much time and personnel you can allocate to your campaigns. If you own a larger company, you can pick the services you want and integrate them with your existing team. Be sure to ask who will work on your account and how the work will be divided. Your assigned team can make or break a campaign, so you need to be aware of their expertise and experience.

15 Best Enterprise SEO Agency Software In 2022 (For Efficient Scaling) (2024)


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Google offers a variety of free SEO tools to help website owners and SEO professionals improve their website's search engine rankings and performance. We've covered the most popular and most useful: Google Search Console. Google Analytics.

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Joost de Valk is best SEO expert, Joost de Valk is an entrepreneur and application software developer from Wijchen, Netherlands who is best known for Yoast SEO.

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Boostability is the largest SEO firm that specializes in providing services to small businesses.

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12 SEO Techniques to Boost Organic Traffic + Rankings
  1. Study Your Competitors' Best Performing Pages. ...
  2. Conduct a Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis. ...
  3. Find (and Steal) Your Competitor's Broken Backlinks. ...
  4. Use Internal Links to Supercharge Page 2 Rankings. ...
  5. Clean Up Toxic Links. ...
  6. Earn Authority Backlinks with Digital PR.
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